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Purple Potato Powder Good Flavor Natural Organic

Purple Potato Powder Good Flavor Natural Organic

Variety:Purple Potato
Extraction Type:Spray drying
Packaging:Bottle, Drum
Grade:Food grade, Food Grade
Application:Food, Food Addtive
Cultivation method:artificial planting
Product name:Purple Sweet Potato Powder
Color:Purple Color
Solubility:Water soluable
Purity:100% purple potato powder
Storage:Cool & dry place without strong light

Purple Sweet Potato Powder
Purple sweet potato powder is a powder derived from dehydrated purple sweet potato. Purple sweet potato powder is a rich source of vitamin C, E and A. The powder is most commonly used in salad, smoothie, juice and flour for bakery. It could also be reconstituted and used to thicken soup and puree. In particular, the addition of sweet potato powder as a substitute for traditional flour provides more moisture and nutrients, therefore it is widely used in food preparation in Asian cuisine. 
Specification     Size    Color Moisture
  60-100mesh Violet 7% max
Microbiological Total plate count Yeast and Mould Coliform
  <500,000 cfu/g <2000 cfu/g <500 cfu/g 







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