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Wholesale Organic Food Grade Flour Prices Potato Starch

Wholesale Organic Food Grade Flour Prices Potato Starch

Product Description

Potato flour is the fine ground white or off-white powder made from whole, peeled, dehydrated potatoes. It is commonly used in gluten-free baking in combination with other flours to ensure proper flavor, texture, dough development time and aroma.

Baked goods such as sweet rolls made with potato flour tend to have a characteristic and desirable earthy flavor and crispy crust.Potato Flour works wonderfully in many baked goods and is a healthy option for gluten-free cooking. Potatoes are a natural source of fiber, B vitamins and iron.



Product Feature

In baked goods, potato flour has several functions:
1.Liquid binding: attracts and holds water and aids in producing moist yeast bread and rolls.
2.Thickener: increases the viscosity of many food systems including sauces and gravies.
3.Color: provides a pale yellow color, and free sugars for Maillard’s browning reaction.
4.Flavor: imparts a characteristic sweet and earthy flavor.
Increases shelf life stability
5.Texturizer: provides soft and tender crumb.
6.Decreases dough development time.
7.Potato Flour attracts and holds water, producing moist yeast bread with a good shelf life. A teaspoon or so added to your baked goods lends a moist crumb, so it is especially useful in gluten free baking. Potato flour also works great in pancake and waffle recipes. A flavorful recipe for potato soup is on the label.



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