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High Quality Modified Starch Fluid Loss Reducer For Oil Drilling Fluid

High Quality Modified Starch Fluid Loss Reducer For Oil Drilling Fluid

Product Applications

♦ Papermaking industry as a paper sizing agents, paper fillers, water transfer printing, can obviously improve the paper dry and wet strength, tear strength, etc.; 

♦Oil drilling industry as well slurry stabilizer, water retention agent (resistance to water loss), the well fluid loss agent; 

♦Paint industry as a coating anti-settling agents, emulsifying dispersant agents, suspending agents, stabilizing agent, film-forming agents, leveling agents, thickeners, binders; 

♦ Printing and dyeing textile sizing agent, finishing agent; 

♦ Detergent industry as an anti (anti) re-settling agent, have ideal suspension dispersion ability and prevent dirt and pollution; 

♦ Construction industry as putty powder, emulsion paints for thickening aquasorb; plastering cement mortar, cement insulation cracking mortar, tile adhesives, wall waterproof putty; 

♦Can be used as emulsion stabilizers, mineral flotation agent and hygroscopic agent, adhesive, waste water of heavy metal removal agent, thickening agent, fertilizer crystals, washing powder, feed granulation, etc.; 

♦ With sodium alginate and carboxymethyl cellulose, compatibility of xanthan gum. 

♦admixture cement and gypsum based products, and other building admixture has good intermiscibility. Can be used with hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose ether, can have thickening adhesion effect, has better crack resistance and improve the workability, at the same time can reduce the hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose content. 

♦Used as gypsum board, charcoal briquettes, Carbon black adhesive.


The Modified starch is divided into Carboxymethyl starch (CMS) and Pregelatinized starch. According to the different raw materials of Pregelatinized starch, it is divided into Pregelatinized corn starch and Pregelatinized tapioca/cassava starch.

Product Specifications

Test items Detection range Test results
Viscosity, mpa.s 80-300 200
Degree of substitution 0.19-0.26 0.25
Purity,% 87-95 93.5
Dry reduction,% 10-13 10
PH value 9-12 10.5

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