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High Quality Powder Other Food & Beverage Powder Food Grade Pea Starch

High Quality Powder Other Food & Beverage Powder Food Grade Pea Starch

Product Description

Organic Pea starch is a raw material with many functional characters. Pea starch have a positive influence on both the process and the final product. Pea starch is a natural gluten-free carbohydrate, and it is also palatable thanks to the presence of simple sugars.
Pea starch can be used as a partial or total source of carbohydrate for: human, pets, fish and other animals.

Pea starch is used for the production of meat products, noodles, sauces and desserts thanks to its excellent thickening, binding and setting properties. Pea starch is very different to other native starches due to its high amylose content and low setting temperature. Pea starch is distinguished by its particular texture and film forming properties. Pea starch is naturally gluten-free.

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Product Feature

1. High stability: pea modified starch can maintain stability under high temperature, acid, alkali and other conditions, is not prone to gel decomposition, and can ensure the quality and stability of food.
2. Strong gel property: pea modified starch has strong gel property, which can increase the viscosity and consistency of food, and improve the texture and taste of food.
3. High temperature resistance: Pea modified starch has excellent high temperature resistance, can maintain stability and functionality during cooking and heating, and is not easy to lose its original properties.
4. Good solubility: Pea modified starch can quickly dissolve in water and form a uniform mixture, facilitating its application in food processing.
5. Health and safety: Pea modified starch is a natural food ingredient that does not contain harmful additives and is harmless to the human body. It can be safely used in food.
In general, pea modified starch is an excellent functional ingredient that plays an important role in food processing and can improve the quality, taste, and stability of food, attracting increasing attention and application.





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