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E1404 Oxidized starch

E1404 Oxidized starch

Product Description

Potato modified starch is the starch extracted from potato, which has changed its original physical and chemical properties after a series of chemical or physical treatments.
In the process of production, potato starch will lose part of its natural crystallinity and increase its solubility and stability in water after being washed, broken, dehydrated and dried. At the same time, by adding chemical reagents or high temperature and high pressure treatment, the starch molecules can be broken and cross-linked to form a more stable structure, thus improving the physical properties of starch such as thermal expansion and contraction, rheological properties, viscosity, and improving its applicability and processability.

Product Application

Modified starch is a kind of starch that is changed by physical or chemical treatment. It is widely used in industry and cosmetics industry. Here are some common applications:
In the industrial industry, modified starch is often used in the following fields:
Pulp and paper industry: Modified starch can be used as coating and adhesive to improve the strength and gloss of paper.
Textile industry: modified starch can be used as adhesive and anti-shrinking agent, which can make the fiber more firm and not easy to shrink.
Food processing industry: denatured starch can be used as thickener, stabilizer and colloid stabilizer for making cakes, biscuits, frozen foods, etc.
Chemical industry: Modified starch can be used as adhesive, emulsifier, colloid stabilizer and adhesive for pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes.
In the cosmetics industry, modified starch is usually used for the following applications:
Skin care products: denatured starch can be used as an oil absorbent, thickener and stabilizer, and can be used to make facial cleansers, face cream, sunscreen, etc.
Foundation make-up and makeup: denatured starch can be used as oil absorbent and thickener, and can be used to make foundation make-up, eye shadow, powder blusher, etc.
Shampoo and conditioner: Modified starch can be used as thickener and stabilizer to make shampoo and conditioner.
In short, modified starch is widely used in industry and cosmetics, and is one of the indispensable ingredients in many products.





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